How Big is our God?


I have been absent from the blogs for some time. I had a bad accident where I fractured both outside ankles and my right wrist. I was scheduled to travel on a mission trip to Uganda. After     2 days in the hospital, I returned home unable to walk. My doctor    did not put a cast on the fractures. He felt that the healing would be better if I walked as quickly as I could. My husband and I began to pray healing scriptures. The next day, determined to go to Uganda, I stood and began praising God that I would walk and even dance in Uganda. You see, our victory is in our praise. As we continued to pray the healing scriptures and praise God for my healing, God provided healing. I just returned from Uganda where I danced with women in the women’s conferences where I ministered and even with a praise team. How Big is our God? Big enough to protect and provide for those who desire to be about His business!! I serve a Big God! How about you?