God is My Victor

Dear Friends,

Since our update in July, Ben and I have been very busy at Encouraging the Nations. We praise God for our prayer partners. The successes of this ministry are due to God’s grace and favor and to your faithfulness to pray. Thank you, thank you, prayer partners.

We were truly blessed to have our friend Ronna from Israel with us and to have the opportunity to share Be Encouraged at various book signings and conferences. We are excited about God’s plans for ministry this fall. We will be able to share Be Encouraged at various church meetings (some where Martha will have the opportunity to speak) , book signings and festivals. If you are at the Elkin Pumpkin Festival, Sat. Sept. 28 or the Brushy Mt Apple Festival on Sat. Oct. 5, please look for our table. We are excited to host Pastor Robert Kaahwa from Uganda from Oct. 17-31. If you would like to hear him minister, please contact us at 704-682-1036.

Today I (Martha) would like to encourage you that God is our Victor. John 11: 1 says that there was a man named Lazarus from Bethany who was sick.

He had an infirmity, but his infirmity was not His final say, even though He died. Mary and Martha sent for Jesus, because they knew the Victor. The name of Lazarus means, God has helped. You see, even though Lazarus had been dead for four days, it wasn’t too late for Jesus; for He is the Resurrection and the Life–the One with the victory over death and the grave. With Jesus, it was not too late, and Lazarus lived again. Today, know that whatever your situation or infirmity, you can walk as a victory when you know the Victory. You may have a difficult situation or infirmity in your life, but this is not the end of the story if your know the Victor. Be encouraged and blessed. Ben and Martha

If you would like prayer, please e-mail us at martha@encouragingthenations.com. If you would like a copy of the book, Be Encouraged, please go to Gifts on our webpage.